Juliana Park

Juliana Park

The choices YOU make impact our world.



Hi, I’m Juliana.

Author, adviser, philanthropist, and motivator on a mission to help you transform your relationship with money and life.

Life feels more meaningful when you align your time, money, and energy with what matters most to YOU. This is conscious wealth.

So, what do YOU want?


How are you spending your time, money, energy?


It’s time to pave a new path.
Let’s begin a new journey together.

Let me help you make CONSCIOUS choices

so you can achieve CONSCIOUS wealth.

What drives your choices?


Is it fear of not having enough?

I don’t have enough money so I have to take this job that I really don’t want.

I don’t make enough money to ever retire so I don’t bother saving for it.

Is it fear of not being enough?

I’m not qualified for that job so I won’t bother applying.

I’m not pretty enough and I don’t deserve anyone better.

I’m not worthy of love so I have to do more for everyone else…

When you move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset, you will align your choices with your actions.

It all starts with gratitude.



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