Track Your Financial Value Alignment

You feel abundant when your life reflects what you most care about. In this exercise, we will look at the level of congruency between the way you spend your time and money and your core values. For example, spending time and money at the gym may align with the value of optimal health.

However, strolling through the mall or watching television may be regular habits, but they may not align with any of your core values.

Be aware that feelings of shame or guilt, thoughts of I shouldn’t be wasting my time on that,  or some other “shoulds” may come up. When they do, keep telling yourself that those criticisms are just your ego talking. Tune out that chatter and focus on completing this activity honestly from your own heart, because that is how you will ultimately determine how to use your resources to manifest the life you want.

  • Start by taking a mental rundown of your average day and think about how you spend your time and money. Write down a full list of everything you spend time and money on, and include activities such as shopping, dining out, and driving or sitting in transit.
  • Ask yourself what core value each of these activities or purchases reflects. It’s okay if they don’t align with any of your values. This exercise is meant to sift those out.
  • Now refer to the chart below to better understand which uses of your time and money are in alignment and which aren’t.

Juliana Park, Congruency, Value Alignment

If you already are spending most of your time and money in ways that are meaningful to you, congratulations! If not, consider scaling back on resources spent on activities and purchases are that not in alignment with your core values. By identifying the misalignments, you can see the importance of consciously choosing to do things or buy things that will make you feel more fulfilled.

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