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“Juliana Park’s The Abundance Loop is a deep meditation upon feeling grateful for having enough, such a powerful and liberating message during these complex economic times.”

Dacher Keltner,
Faculty Director of Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley

“The Abundance Loop is a simple, yet powerful framework to kick you out of scarcity mode and into the discovery of real joy.”

Chip Conley,
New York Times Bestselling Author, Emotional Equations and Founder of Joie de Vivre

“Juliana Park is a rising thought leader who creatively integrates psychology, money, and spirituality to help you discover your true wealth.”

Denise Brosseau,
Author, Ready to Be a Thought Leader?, CEO, Thought Leadership Lab

“When I work in the developing world on global health challenges, I see how little it takes for people to be happy.  Juliana’s work to shift people’s mindset from scarcity to abundance is exactly what we need to create increased self-worth and happiness in individuals.”

Seema Handu,
PhD. Chief Operating Officer, Project Happiness

“The Abundance Loop offers wise principles for creating abundance in our lives and enhancing our understanding of the relationship between personal growth and financial security. Juliana Parks invites readers to inquire into their fears and misconceptions about prosperity, and proposes a model of financial development that includes self-knowledge, self-empowerment, appreciation of one’s capacities, gratefulness, generosity and living from one’s core values.”

Vernice Solimar,
PhD, Integral Psychology and Leadership Studies.
“Juliana Park has cracked it. Her model synthesizes top-level financial planning with deep insight into human psychology and motivation. This book will help you beyond measure.”
Martin Boroson,
Author of One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go

“Juliana has penned not just a book on how to achieve financial wealth, but a real examination on what it takes to find and achieve personal fulfillment that paves the way for abundance. The Abundance Loop is an essential handbook for mastering life skills on constructing a well-balanced financial plan from a place of high self worth.”

Mary Lee,
Account Director, Showtime Networks, Inc.

“Financial advisor Juliana Park’s proven methodology for increasing abundance is clear, practical and actionable. It fits with everything I know about creating a positive flow of happiness and success. Plus she can really write, which makes the journey more enjoyable.”

MJ Ryan,
Author, Attitudes of Gratitude and This Year I Will…How to Finally Change a Habit, Keep a Resolution or Make a Dream Come True

”The Abundance Loop is a real gift straight from the heart! With love and honesty, Juliana Park expertly guides you through universal spiritual lessons and sound financial strategies to free you from the emotional trap that there’s never enough. Each page brims with her excitement for the peace of mind and empowerment she knows is just around the corner for you, regardless of your current financial circumstances. This journey with Juliana will change your life.”

Lisa T. Wood,
Professor, John F. Kennedy University; Inventor and Entrepreneur

“In creating wealth, our scarcity mentality generates fear, which is the biggest factor in what holds people back. The Abundance Loop guides you for taking inspired action with what is most satisfying to you. It offers a new way of relating to your wealth that results in transformation and fulfillment This book is a must read for anyone who really wants to shift from scarcity to abundance, from being a consumer to a contributor.”

Abigail Stason,
Amazon Bestselling Author, Beyond Ego, A Framework for Mindful Leadership and Conscious Human Evolution and Co-Founder, Mindful Leadership Collective

“How much is enough? The Abundance Loop provides the answer. Combining a practical step by step method, with mindfulness practice, client experiences and personal stories, Ms. Park’s book offers the reader a fresh and engaging perspective on the true meaning of having enough.  Here is the clear and accessible solution pathway for those trapped in cycles of financial and emotional scarcity.”

Stephen Goldbart and Joan DiFuria,
Co-Directors, Money, Meaning, & Choices Institute

“Juliana Park reveals the good news that we create our own scarcity, which means we hold the power to change it. Her tangible model ties fear to scarcity, and gives the reader an alternative cycle of gratitude and abundance.  Park’s message is inspiring: we all hold the capacity for limitlessness if we change our thinking. Most importantly, Park gives us the step-by-step tools to joyfully create abundance, moving us out of our dark ravines of scarcity, and onto the scenic plateau of wealth.”

Sally Srok,
Author, The New Jew: An Unexpected Conversion

“Spiritual wisdom fuels financial planning in The Abundance Loop. Juliana Park’s exceptional and accessible guidebook empowers readers to step out of scarcity, shift from fear to gratitude and consciously create wealth by living in alignment with our divine self. A must-read for manifesting!”

Nancy Levin,
Bestselling Author, Jump … And Your Life Will Appear

“Today many people feel stressed about money.  The Abundance Loop offers integrated psychological, spiritual and financial guidance.  Our beliefs about money and abundance shape our lives, yet often we are not even aware of what these beliefs are.  Juliana Park is a wise and warm guide on this journey of exploration.  She shares practical tools to use now when navigating the often confusing intersection of finances and emotions.  Anyone who has worried about money can benefit from this book”

Athena Papadakos,
Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

“Juliana Park breaks us out of the mindset that limits our own potential. The Abundance Loop shows how to make the choices that create a spiral of positive momentum for our careers, our relationships, and our finances.”

Ingrid Stabb, Author
Your Type Advantage and head of marketing, Great Place to Work ® Institute

“Juliana Park’s The Abundance Loop cuts through the confusion surrounding painful issues of money, self-worth, and net-worth. Revealing the astounding metaphoric similarities between financial net-worth and spiritual self-worth, she simply yet profoundly distinguishes two loops, the scarcity loop and the abundance loop. This life-defining fork in the road is separated by conscious choice, in which we either spiral downward into negative, limiting and fear-based thinking and behaviors, or spiral upward and outward into gratitude, worthiness and abundance. Just as the universe is founded upon the the principles of contraction and expansion, so are our psyches. The Abundance Loop aids us in identifying these two core patterns of thought and behavior, and in aligning our energies in the expansive direction, both spiritually and financially.”

Karen Jaenke, PhD
Chair, Consciousness & Transformative Studies
John F. Kennedy University


Juliana Park’s The Abundance Loop is a deep meditation upon feeling grateful for having enough, such a powerful and liberating message during these complex economic… .

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