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Affirmations Make Great Gifts!

This holiday season, don’t break your budget! Give affirmations or favorite quotes as gifts—the gift of your time, energy, attention, and intention is so much more valuable than any material object.
Simple printed, painted, or etched affirmations are not only totally trendy right now, but they are also incredibly uplifting, personal, and tell a story

Holiday Abundance Gift Shopping Guide

There are many different impulses when you give gifts, and many times you want to convey a certain feeling with your gift. Here are some ideas to help you keep perspective on the feeling you want to give instead of the thing you want to give.

Be Mindful this Holiday Season!

Grow Your Money Tree

Whatever financial freedom looks like to you, it won’t happen unless you take conscious action to plant a Money Tree. Remember the phrase, “The grass is greener where you water it”? Well, I’m going to help you grow not just grass, but a big fat tree that will generate enough income to cover the lifestyle

Feeling A Little Spooked By Your Finances?

Nearly half of the world lives on less than $2 per day and 80% of the world lives on less than $10 per day. Chances are, you have more than enough, but need to change your perspective and make different choices.
Let’s dust off the cobwebs and clear the skeletons out of your money closet. Imagine me dressed as

Tidy Up Your Financial Affairs

An excerpt taken from The Abundance Loop: 8 Steps to Manifest Conscious Wealth by Juliana Park.
If your home office or the corner desk where you pay your bills is a disaster, your finances may well follow suit. When you can calm the chaos of your physical space, you feel more inclined to bring that

5 Ways to Balance Inner and Outer Wealth

I was sleeping in a hotel on a business trip, just after learning that I was pregnant with my third child, when a deep, prolonged whirring noise followed by a short, high-pitched braking of a railcar woke me up.
I sat straight up, grabbed the journal I keep by my bed, and wrote a single word: Balance.
That one word

4 Strategies to Get the Money Convo Going

As my 9-year-old son pointed out after being back in school for a week, “girls sure love to talk.”
Yes, we do! We talk about food, clothes, family, career, weight, sex…pretty much everything. But not money. The money convo is tough!
We hush when it comes to money. Whether we feel it’s taboo, or we’re