Dr. Oz in The Good Life, Juliana Park

The Abundance Loop Mentioned in Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine

I’m so excited that I got my first media mention for my forthcoming book,  The Abundance Loop!

Check out Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine in newsstands and bookstores when you get a chance and flip to the article on page 98 about “Feel Rich (No Matter How Much You Have)”

In this interview, I shared how keeping up with the Jones’s is a sure-fire way to stay stuck in scarcity because you are so focused on what others have. Instead, cultivate gratitude for what you have. Think about all the abilities, talents, skills, relationships, and resources you have this very moment. When you focus on how much is available to you, you feel a whole lot better. So shake off the money stress and live abundantly now!

See Tip #1 below!

Juliana Park and Dr. Oz