Juliana Park, 5 Ways to Balance Inner and Outer Wealth

5 Ways to Balance Inner and Outer Wealth

I was sleeping in a hotel on a business trip, just after learning that I was pregnant with my third child, when a deep, prolonged whirring noise followed by a short, high-pitched braking of a railcar woke me up.

I sat straight up, grabbed the journal I keep by my bed, and wrote a single word: Balance.

That one word erupted into a cascade of ideas and a long writing session about juxtaposing opposites: scarcity and abundance, fear and gratitude, inner and outer, financial and spiritual, yin and yang . . . all reflecting balance.

So how do we balance inner wealth and outer wealth?

Inner wealth is the feeling of contentment, the gratitude and satisfaction that is the root of happiness and abundance.

Outer wealth is the actual figures in our bank accounts, the investments we make, and how we choose to spend our time and money. When inner and outer wealth are in harmony, things flow. When they are in conflict, you can become blocked, confused, and out of sync with your goals.

Here are five ways that I balance inner and outer wealth to keep my financial goals in sync with my state of mind.

  1. Write it down. Keep a journal and keep track of your goals, your ambitions, your inspiration, what you’re struggling with, and what you’re grateful for. This will inform both your attitude and your choice of investments.
  2. Take a breath. Before spending money, whether you’re shopping or about to order at a restaurant, take a deep breath and remember your values. Taking a moment of reflection before a purchase can give you the opportunity to align your purchases with your goals.
  3. Get outside. A walk outside, fresh air, and the beauty of nature can remind you of the abundance all around you. Let yourself be inspired by Mother Nature, and you’ll find it easier to balance your inner wealth with the reality of your checking account balance.
  4. Talk to friends and family. Open up about what you want and what is preventing you from getting there. Women do not talk about money enough in our culture, and ultimately this could prevent you from getting the support, encouragement, and advice you need to allow your dreams to take flight.
  5. Practice gratitude. Make a conscious choice to spend time each day writing down or meditating on what makes you feel abundant, grateful, and inspired. Doing this will clarify your values, which will influence how you spend your money—and, of course, what you save up for!

I’d love to hear from you!

Share your tricks for keeping your inner and outer wealth balanced, or your struggles in doing so!

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